Monday, January 30, 2012


One of the biggest hurdles for me in attempting a "real" flipped class this term is the fatigue level.  Lecturing is taxing no doubt, but frantically running around the room in each class all day long is even more so.  And then when you throw in the multiple retests of an SBG system and such, it is taking a little toll on me.  I've been running full speed since the beginning of the new term in January and feel like I've hardly spent time with my own kids at home.

And that simply is acceptable.  When I got back into teaching, I promised myself that I wouldn't put more time and effort from home into my students than I do into my own family.  That's a recipe for disaster, because in 4 years max, those students are gone.

So I have to reach far my reaction is running 100% to the right...hopefully it evens out pretty soon!

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