Thursday, March 8, 2012

First time presenting

Been about a week and half since I last posted, due to a number of factors such as illness etc.  I didn't get around to talking about it last week, but I got to do my first flipclass presentation last Thursday.  I felt like it went pretty well considering that I was sick and that a lot of our folks don't show up for much PD at this time of the year because they already have their hours in.

When I knew I was sick the night before I debated what to do about the presentation and even considered "flipping" it by making a video and trying to skype in for questions.  But since I knew skyping takes an act of congress at our school, I just came in anyway.

I did eventually decide to make a video because a lot of folks that wanted to come couldn't make it.  I'm a little unsatisfied with the video, as I often am when they are done, but also just too tired to spend another hour or two working on it.  Hopefully it will at least spark some thought for some of our teachers.  We have a good bunch who are usually willing to step out and try some new things, at least on a limited basis, so I'm hopeful that this will assist some.

Oh, and I forgot to comment on this in the video I think, but it's not about the videos...=P

I also apologize for my still messed up voice.

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